Free Comic Book Day 2015

York Comics is hosting our Free Comic Book Day event this Saturday!
Saturday May 2nd (doors open at 10am)

While Supplies last everyone that walks through the door will be given a bag of the 12 “Gold” books.

The remaining titles will be available as last year:
3 non-perishable food items = 5 books
($1.00 to Wounder Warrior Project = 1 non-perishable)
There will be about 30 additional titles total.

Most items in the store will be on sale.

Looking forward to a great day tomorrow

Dragons of Tarkir Gameday Event

This Saturday and Sunday York Comics will be hosting the Dragons of Tarkir game day events!

  • Saturday: 12:30PM
  • Sunday: 12:30PM

Dragons of Tarkir Pre-Release Information


York Comics will be hosting Magic the Gathering: Dragons of Tarkir pre-release events on Saturday March 21st through the 22nd!

Tournament Times/fees:

  • Friday March 20th 7pm: $12.00 Booster Draft ($10.00 if you prepay for midnight event)
  • Midnight Pre-release: $25.00
  • Saturday 21st 2pm: $20.00
  • Sunday 22nd Noon-: 2 Headed Giant $25/head
  • Sunday 22nd 4pm (or conclusion of noon tournament whichever is later): $20.00


  • All events top 50% paid out:
  • 8-15 players 2 packs per player in prize pool
  • 16+ players 2 packs per player in prize pool, fat pack to 1st/2nd
  • Midnight event only: 24+ 1 box of Dragon’s replaces 1st, fatpacks to 2 and 3, 2 packs per player in pool

Please call ahead and confirm your spot. Seating will be limited!

Saturday Standard Magic the Gathering

Starting this Saturday, 27 September 2014, we will begin hosting STANDARD tournaments for Magic the Gathering! Come in and test out your new deck, freshly updated with your Khans of Tarkir cards!

This weekend’s MtG Schedule:

  • 19:00 Friday 26 September 2014 $22.00 Khans of Tarkir 6 pack sealed (FNM)
  • 13:00 Saturday 27 September 2014 $6.00 Standard
  • 12:00 Sunday 28 September 2014 EDH/Commander open play
  • 16:00 Sunday 28 September 2014 $22.00 Khans of Tarkir 6 pack sealed




Khans of Tarkir Prerelease Weekend

Klans of Tarkir

York Comics will be hosting Magic the Gathering: Khans of Tarkir pre-release events on Saturday September 20th through the 21st!

The entry fee to all events will be $20.00 per player.

Event Schedule:

  • 12:00AM Midnight Saturday, September 20th : Sealed Event
  • 2:00PM Saturday, September 20th : Sealed Event
  • 11:00AM Sunday, September 21st : 2 Headed Giant
  • 4:00PM Sunday, September 21st: Sealed Event

Prize Structure for all Pre-Release Events:

  • Attendance of 15 or less players: 2 packs per player
  • Attendance 16 to 23 players: Fat pack voucher to first and second
  • Attendance of 24 or more players: Fat pack voucher to first through fourth
  • Prizes will be paid out to the top half of all competitors

There will also be additional prizes for the midnight event:
28 or more players: winner gets a Khans of Tarkir booster box voucher
There will also be various door prizes which will be raffled off!

All vouchers can be redeemed after the release (September 26, 2014.)

If you want to participate in the midnight event please make sure you are at the store before 11:50 PM Friday, September 19th so we can start promptly at 12:00AM.

The store will holding our final MtG: Core 2015 booster draft during Friday Night Magic at 7:00PM, September 19th. The FNM promo for the month is banishing light.

Preorder Khans of Tarkir Sealed Booster Boxes
We are currently accepting pre orders : $95.00 per box and $540 per case.
All orders must be placed by end of the final Sunday event.

York Comics & Cards

York Comics

Store Address:

7390 York Rd, Cleveland, OH 44130

Phone: (440) 842-4466

Store Hours:

  • Sunday: Noon to 4 PM
  • Monday: Noon to 7 PM
  • Tuesday: Noon to 7 PM
  • Wednesday: 11 AM to 8 PM
  • Thursday: Noon to 7 PM
  • Friday: Noon to 7 PM
  • Saturday: Noon to 6 PM

This weeks Magic Events:

  • Friday Night Magic 7 PM
  • Sunday Booster Draft 4 PM

Note: Our Website is currently undergoing a major revision, this page is temporary.